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    1. Curtis

      New long edition trailer

      I made a trailer one second until reaching the two-minute mark for VoltSiege.
    2. Curtis

      BLUbeast9 Moderator fourm

      The app looks great! I would wait to become Moderator until you've A+ the usage of commands and settling player situations. Once you accomplished that re-visit this, Good luck! (y) -TnT
    3. Curtis

      Bob5609s application. Enjoy.

      Great app! Going to add you to the team. If you have any questions remember always feel free to ask. -TnT
    4. Curtis

      New Epic trailer

      Take a look!
    5. Curtis

      BLUbeast9 Helper

      Accepted - Training required when you're available.
    6. Curtis

      New cinematic.

      I made a new video of one of the old spawns that have been re-added into VoltSiege. Enjoy!
    7. Curtis

      Important READ

      [Notice] Keep in mind that not everyone makes it to the helper. Also, know that we count on having people as not a staff member too. [Keep In Mind] You must be active on the server for one week in order to apply. All players please follow this format: Age?: How long have you played...
    8. Curtis

      eternalcraft trailer

    9. Curtis

      VoltSiege Trailers Made by me

      Some of my current best trailers of VoltSiege. Hope you enjoy! (y) If you liked any of these trailers: Please be sure to like / comment or subscribe if you feel like it thanks!
    10. Curtis

      Sweet Berries OP Herbalism

      Thanks for the feed back.
    11. Curtis

      Server Rules

      1 » No Spamming 2 » No Advertising 3 » Hacking is &4&n&lNOT&e allowed! 4 » IRL scamming is bannable! 5 » Ddos threats are a bannable offense! 6 » Keep the caps to a minimum 7 » Keep the swearing to a minimum 8 » Don't ask for ranks! 9 » Don't Disrespect staff/players! 10 » No Exploiting...
    12. Curtis

      Norger's Builder Apllication

      Accepted if you learn from the Co owner.
    13. Curtis

      Nordgers's Staff Application

      Accepted - TnT
    14. Curtis

      Ecto's application