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  • Bob5609s application. Enjoy.


    New member
    Staff member
    • Age?: i am 17 years old.

    • How long have you played VoltSiege for (Total time)?: I have just joined the server on Saturday, September 21st

    • Your true reason for becoming a staff?: I want to help servers grow. I have my own server and I know what it's like for your server to stay the same with 10-20 players on it. I'm also good with plugins and im here to answer any questions you and the players might have.

    • Why should we accept you?: I think i am a good addition to your staff list. because I am knowledgable, good with players and, I am good at detecting if people are breaking the rules.

    • Have you been staff on other servers if so what was your position and estimated time length of your role?: I own my own server for 3 years then stopped because it was not getting as popular as I would have liked, but it was decent like 30-40 players.

    • Do you have recording software for showing evidence if needed?: yes, I do.

    • Have you ever been banned on any server including VoltSiege?: No i have not. I try my best just to enjoy the game and follow rules, it just makes it more fun.

    • Who is the Owner?:TNTCurtis.

    • Anything else, you may add here: My name is isaac Michael Curtis i just thought that was kinda cool


    Founder of VoltSiege
    Great app! Going to add you to the team. If you have any questions remember always feel free to ask.