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    IP Advertising:
    [] Permanent Ban

    Sharing any type of IP address in any in-game chat. This also includes any type of inappropriate link.

    Exploiting & Abusing Bugs:
    [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using any bug, dupe, or exploit for your personal gain. Also includes sharing information about an exploit to other players without letting the administration know. Intentionally causing lag falls under this rule.

    [] 15 Day Ban [] 30 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban [You may appeal]

    Inappropriate Usernames & Skins:
    [] Permanent Ban (Appeal once changed)

    Having a username or skin which directly violates a rule of conduct listed here or is deemed inappropriate by staff. Appeal as soon as the skin or username is changed. A name which is extremely similar to a staff username falls under this category. (Example: EmadPlays instead of EmadPlayz)

    Ban Evasion:
    [] Verbal Warning [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Logging onto VoltSiege whilst banned on another account. If the original ban is 15 days or longer, skip straight to permanent ban after verbal warn.

    Unfair Usage of Alternate Accounts:
    [] 15 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Using an alternate account to your advantage in order to obtain a higher level, more items, or any sort of benefit in the game. If you’re not sure whether a specific usage of an alternate account is allowed, ask a staff member.

    [] 3 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban [] Permanent Ban

    Threatening anyone in any way. This includes fake ones too.

    Disrespect & Discrimination:

    [] 1 Hour Mute [] 24 Hour Mute [] 7 Day Mute

    Disrespecting another person in any way. Even if we have different identities, remember, we’re all people. We don’t want to make any players feel uncomfortable.

    Harassment & Inappropriate Behavior:
    [] Warning [] 30 Minute Mute [] 1 Hour Mute [] 3 Day Mute

    Harassing another person or making inappropriate (vulgar) remarks. This is generally left up to the discretion of the staff member online at the time. Do not mute evade this punishment.

    Minor Offenses

    Encouraging Rule Breaking:
    [] Verbal Warning [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Encouraging other players to break rules of any type.

    Mute Evasion:
    [] Verbal Warning [] 1 Hour Ban [] 1 Day Ban [] 7 Day Ban

    Evading your mute in the chat with another account, resetting your join message to evade the mute, or by somehow bypassing the mute to talk in any globally seen chat.​
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