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    Failure to adhere to these requirements will lower your chances to becoming a staff member and/or have your application be denied. Not many people get accepted to be staff. Don’t sweat it if you don’t make it. Learn from this experience (if you didn't get in, find out why and learn from it).

    Please make sure you fully read the requirements and FAQ below, so you know what to expect from our process.

    1. Preferably 13+ years of age.
    2. Must have a minimum of 25 message post count.
    3. Must follow the Application Template
    4. Must have proper grammar.
    5. Must be friendly and helpful to everyone.
    6. Must have Discord and some otherway of contact.
    7. Do not plagarize.
    8. Be truthful.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: How long are applications open for?
    There is no exact date but you could hear back at any point (even months later after applying).

    Q: I applied for helper, when will I hear back?
    It is not possible to reply to everyone. Only successful applications receive a response.

    Q: If I get accepted, what will happen next?
    IF you are accepted to be a staff member, you will be notified by me or a Manager+; via Discord, Email, or Conversation on the forums.
    Q: I'm younger than the required minimum age for Helper, should I still apply?
    IF you are younger than 13 and you still want to apply for Helper, you can apply if you want to do so. We would just prefer you to be at least 13 for maturity.

    Q: Can I ask mods or any staff how my application is going?
    No. Asking any staff in game or elsewhere will actually hurt your chances of becoming a Helper.

    Q: Can I apply for anything higher than Helper?
    No, you must start out as a Helper and work your way up. If the Administrators+ feel as though you are a good enough Helper, you will be promoted to moderator and possibly Sr. Moderator.

    NOTE: If you become inactive for 2 weeks or more, your application will be locked.

    If you have any questions about the requirements, you may contact me or another staff member and we will be more than willing to help you :)
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