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    1. BLUbeast9

      BLUbeast9 Moderator fourm

      All players please follow this format: Age?:16 years old How long have you played VoltSiege for (Total time)?: 10 years. jk but im legit on so much even when other pepole arent on :( so sad. Your true reason for becoming a staff?: I want to be recognized for the amount of work and...
    2. BLUbeast9

      BLUbeast9 Helper

      Hi its me BLUbeast9. you know me TnTcurtis and i know you, i give you many suggestions for the better of voltsiege and just want to help improve and grow this server. so making me helper wont harm in any way just help out in even greater ways sincerely, BLUbeast9 -your greatest aquatence