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  • BLUbeast9 Helper

    Hi its me BLUbeast9. you know me TnTcurtis and i know you, i give you many suggestions for the better of voltsiege and just want to help improve and grow this server. so making me helper wont harm in any way just help out in even greater ways sincerely, BLUbeast9 -your greatest aquatence
    All players please follow this format:

    • Age?: 16

    • How long have you played VoltSiege for (Total time)?: probably 1-2 months now

    • Your true reason for becoming a staff?: i think this is a very fun server and would love to help out and make new things in it.

    • Why should we accept you?: beacuse im nice, fair, helping, and i could help add new things to the server

    • Have you been staff on other servers if so what was your position and estimated time length of your role?: no but i am a quick learner!

    • Do you have recording software for showing evidence if needed?: yes screenshots and could download a screen broadcaster if you really wanted me to

    • Have you ever been unbanned on any server including VoltSiege?: no

    • Who is the Owner?: TnTCurtis. duh the worlds best person

    • Anything else, you may add here: thank you for considering my request as a helper :3