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  • BLUbeast9 Moderator fourm

    All players please follow this format:

    • Age?:16 years old

    • How long have you played VoltSiege for (Total time)?: 10 years. jk but im legit on so much even when other pepole arent on :( so sad.

    • Your true reason for becoming a staff?: I want to be recognized for the amount of work and dedication I put in to this server and just want to hopefully be trusted with more things and help with the greater stuff such as updates or fixes especially since TNTCurtis is busy most of the time and on top of that i'm on more than all the moderators combined.

    • Why should we accept you?: I am consistently online, i can help when ever, just hit me up on discord, i'm good at red stone okay at building and very trustworthy.

    • Have you been staff on other servers if so what was your position and estimated time length of your role?: No i have not really been a staff on any other servers but i have been experimenting with Voltsiege's commands and have got a taste for them.

    • Do you have recording software for showing evidence if needed?: yes Screenshots and can download a recording software if you want me to.

    • Have you ever been banned on any server including VoltSiege?: No, but I do get kicked from Voltsige for some weird reasons, example: telaporting while riding a horse

    • Who is the Owner?: the honorable TNTCurtis!

    • Anything else, you may add here: :) if you rank me i will be extremely great full and promise to bring massive greatness to the server!!


    Founder of VoltSiege
    The app looks great! I would wait to become Moderator until you've A+ the usage of commands and settling player situations. Once you accomplished that re-visit this, Good luck! (y)