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    Founder of VoltSiege

    VoltSiege needs two plugin developers.
    We want to make a successful Minecraft server for players to enjoy. Being a plugin developer means staying active and on top of the plugin configurations.
    You must be 17+ years old. That's decided for the person who applies has the maturity to do right and also trustfulness.
    I believe having trust from both sides comes a long way.
    Here is your application format:​
    Minecraft Username:
    What you can contribute to the server?:
    What makes you good for a developer?:
    Have you ever played Minecraft before? If so how long?:
    Do you consider yourself Honest, Hard Worker and a Team Player?:
    If you Don't get accepted would you want to become a different rank position?:
    Do you think you have what it takes to become a developer?:
    Are you mature?:
    Have you ever configured plugins on a server before?:
    Are you an active player?:
    Do you work with other team members well?:
    Are you able to follow directions?:
    Anything else you would like to mention?:

    Looking forward to a couple of developers, VoltSiege needs to grow!
    - Curtis R.