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    Founder of VoltSiege
    [Notice] Keep in mind that not everyone makes it to becoming staff. Also know that we count on having people as not a staff member too.
    [Keep In Mind] You must be active on the server for three weeks (unless higher staff says otherwise) in order to apply.

    All players please follow this format:

    • Age?:

    • How long have you played VoltSiege for (Total time)?:

    • Your true reason for becoming a staff?:

    • Why should we accept you?:

    • Have you been staff on other servers if so what was your position and estimated time length of your role?:

    • Do you have recording software for showing evidence if needed?:

    • Have you ever been banned on any server including VoltSiege?:

    • Who is the Owner?:

    • Anything else, you may add here:

    Staff Agreement:
    1. No asking for promotions every second.
    2. If you're not sure about something always ask.
    3. Don't abuse your powers.
    4. Use common sense
    5. Recognize you are still a player but with different commands to help monitor the server.
    6. Follow the rules at https://voltsiege.com/threads/server-rules.6/#post-10.

    7. Just like anyone else should do Enjoy the server!

    If you have any other questions about being/becoming a staff, ask the owner or someone whos been staff longer than you.

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