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    Founder of VoltSiege
    Hello everyone,
    Recently I have uploaded an old RPG map from a long time ago. Somehow it still is in great condition and looks amazing! Currently, I am looking for builders. These builders must match the theme, style & building experience to add to one of the unfinished huge villages. Any help would be most appreciative I might be paying some builders that meet the criteria but doesn't mean all will get payed. The builders who are building will definitely gain a rank that represents that their builder, credit for their builds, will get to be involved in a successful Minecraft server. Nevertheless, if your feeling unmotivated to build for VoltSiege I can arrange something even if it includes money just please don't abuse this request, I still have to pay for other things. I.E, Plugin developers, more advertisements Etc.

    With that said I would love to show you some epic pictures taken from the RPG World.
    2020-01-07_12.16.14.jpg 2020-01-07_12.16.29.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.00.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.10.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.18.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.28.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.38.jpg 2020-01-07_12.17.55.jpg 2020-01-07_12.18.04.jpg 2020-01-07_12.18.12.jpg 2020-01-07_12.18.30.jpg 2020-01-07_12.18.50.jpg 2020-01-07_12.19.35.png 2020-01-07_12.19.42.png 2020-01-07_12.19.51.png 2020-01-07_12.20.02.png 2020-01-07_12.18.50.png 2020-01-07_12.20.02.png 2020-01-07_12.20.26.png 2020-01-07_12.20.31.png 2020-01-07_12.20.41.png 2020-01-07_12.21.14.png


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