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    Founder of VoltSiege
    VoltSiege position: Co-Owner
    About VoltSiege: VoltSiege has been available since 2017. Since then it took many paths as it used to be a network to now, a single factions server. VoltSiege 2019-2020 has needed some support here and there this is where I bring the Co-Creator ("Co-Owner") role into place.
    What Co-Creator looks like: If you apply and do get accepted firstly that would be a big help for me. Not only that I consider mainly one thing that is a must trust. This will come a long way if one another can trust I believe that is part "key" for having a successful Minecraft server. This "quest" to developing VoltSiege is a team effort and will always be that way. For financial requirements there are none. you don't have to pay a single penny towards the server hosting or development.
    Co-Creator Requirements:

    • Must have Discord and a microphone (Mic if needed).
    • Must be 18+ to apply (this requirement may apply differently to others just depends).
    • Must know the basics - advanced knowledge of configuring.
    • Must have time on your hands - don't worry I won't require you to play all day long (it's not like anyone should do that).
    • Any other requirements could be brought up at a later point.
    Now an introduction about myself: I am 19 years old I love cats, computers, and communities especially Minecraft ones. I sometimes will practice spigot programming and of course work on VoltSiege, this includes making too many trailers for the server. I have been playing Minecraft since early 2011.
    If you would like to apply please do your best using this format:

    VoltSiege Co-Creator Format
    Minecraft Username:
    What you can contribute to the server?:
    What makes you good for Co-Creator?:
    Have you ever played Minecraft before? If so how long?:
    Do you consider yourself Honest, Hard Worker and a Team Player?:
    If you Don't get accepted would you want to become a different rank position?:
    Do you think you have what it takes to become Co-Creator?:
    Are you mature?:
    Anything else you would like to mention?:

    Have any questions about applying don't hesitate to ask me. I have a few ways you can contact me.
    Forums (Here)
    Discord Curtis#7973

    Good luck with the application and have a nice day.